Primary Care Doctor

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The work of Primary Care Doctor

The primary care doctor, is  in charge of your general care. He is often the first contact with the patient. He acts personally or calls upon another specialist according to the needs and pathologies detected in the patient. The primary care doctor is often called a family doctor. In most cases, a very close relationship is established between the doctor and the patient.
The doctor can come to the patient’s home if the health conditions so require. The primary care doctor can practice in a clinic, independently or in a hospital.

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Equipment used by the primary care doctor

To carry out his consultation, in order to identify the troubles of a patient, the primary care doctor must have the following instruments:

  • a stethoscope to listen to the internal sounds of the body by auscultating the patient’s chest. General practitioners most often use manual stethoscopes.
  • a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the human body. There are different types of thermometer such as digital thermometer, ear thermometer, infrared…
  • a blood pressure monitor, an essential device to have for measuring the blood pressure of patients.
  • a scale to know the weight of the patients.
  • an otoscope to inspect the ear and its eardrum.