Back to school - Medical check yourself up !

Back To School Medical – Check Yourself Up! 

Holidays offer an opportunity to let go and relax… Our bodies become a source of pleasure rather than worry: we enjoy the sun, we practice demanding and sometimes extreme sports, we eat more and not necessarily better – even if it means overindulging…It’s good for morale!

But September is here before we know it! Before diving back into the daily routine, isn’t it a good time to take stock of our health? Check our eyes, our teeth, take a blood test?

Let’s anticipate. Here are our tips!

Medical appointments: back to school, a good time for a health check-up

However enjoyable, school holidays sometimes put the body to the test. Air conditioners dry out our airways, seawater promotes ear infections, the sun attacks our skin, sports activities wear out our joints…

Even for those who prefer relaxing, quiet holidays are subject to “decompression” phenomena, as one general practitioner put it: “We tend to feel a little more the complaints that the body has been hiding until now, because when you have to work, you have to face and don’t hear them.” therefore holidays are often a time to discover back pain, neck pain, muscle pain… And when you get home, you only think of one thing: take care of it!

Back to school is also the symbol of a renewal. It is a privileged moment to take a health check and adopt good habits, such as getting back into sport, or taking up a more balanced diet… Some take the opportunity to change their glasses; others wait until this time to refill their drug prescriptions. Others, again, choose the start of the school year for their annual “check-ups”: appointments with the dentist, the gynecologist, the dermatologist… In short… Back to school is the time when everyone refocuses on themselves and puts “their affairs in order”.

Finally, the start of the school year seems ideal for children’s medical appointments. This is the time to monitor their growth, to carry out vaccination reminders (generally around 6 and 11 years old), to identify any learning delays… It is better to know all these elements in order to resume school in the best conditions!

Seeing a doctor in September: an obstacle course

As everyone knows, the start of the school year imposes quite a rhythm on us. There are always a thousand things to manage: registrations, school supplies, going back to work… It’s a whole rhythm that you have to pick up and that you had (quickly) forgotten! It’s not always easy to find the time, and the energy, in the middle of September, to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist…

Fortunately, this state of affairs is not inevitable…

Back-to-school medical appointments: take them with complete peace of mind thanks to the web

It’s possible to make your back-to-school medical appointments in complete peace of mind, with a 100% success rate! With the advent of new technologies, making appointments has never been so fluid.

AfriWell Health, for example, is a new service allowing you to make an appointment with a doctor online, from your computer or your phone. The platform helps you organize your consultation and/or teleconsultation schedule, from your home.

What if there is no specialist available in your area? No worries: the platform will allow you to make an appointment with a specialist available elsewhere. The teleconsultation will be done directly by webcam.

In short, to approach the start of the new school year on the right foot and enjoy the holidays until the end, a single watchword: anticipate! And thanks to online tools, you can even organize yourself quietly from your garden, your balcony or your bed… Why deprive yourself of it?