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AfriWell Health was born from the desire of transforming the healthcare journey for everyone in Africa.

Through modern technology, we aim at connecting patients with their healthcare professionals in a quick and efficient manner.

Our platform provides access to patients in remote location and helps overcoming scarcity of both generalists and specialists.

Make an appointment at your convenience – Have a video appointment to relieve your concerns or meet your healthcare professional face to face.


Our international partner hospitals

AfriWell assists you in your selection, the receipt of a quote and accompanies you throughout the treatment.


Living abroad? AfriWell Health helps you take charge of the health of your loved ones back home

Do you have family or relatives living in Congo? Do you want to help them benefit from the best clinics, usually reserved for employees of multinationals?

Take charge of the health of your loved ones back home from the AfriWell Health platform.

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Every Monday, we publish the list of Duty Chemist’s in Pointe-Noire, in order to avoid wasting time buying your medication.


AfriWell Health has identified several health establishments in Congo for you. Manage your health more easily thanks to our catalog of useful addresses

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