ENT - A popular yet unknow speciality !

Across Africa, 1 million children are affected by ENT infections every year, and this can be avoided by having your children under 6 checked-up every 6 months by a general practitioner or ENT specialist in case of infection.

Ear, nose, and throat are interconnected, which explains why there are frequent infections spreading between these different areas. Children, and especially the youngest, are particularly prone to it. These infections are contagious and are transmitted through cough and saliva… They must however be treated correctly to avoid complications.

ENT related diseases

  • Nasopharyngitis or the common cold is one of the most common ENT infections in children and is highly contagious.
  • Angina is an inflammation of the tonsils and throat, of bacterial or viral origin.
  • Laryngitis is characterized by inflammation of the larynx (voice organ located in the throat) and is generally of viral origin.
  • Otitis is an infection or inflammation of the skin or mucous membrane of the ear, caused either by a virus or by bacteria.


How to prevent ENT infections and/or avoid transmission

  • Wash your child’s hands frequently with soap
  • Clean their nose daily with saline water
  • Use paper tissues to blow your nose then throw them away
  • Air out the child’s room and other rooms in the house


Worried about an infection? Book an appointment with one of our general practitioners or ENT specialists by visiting afriwell.co