Are you abroad? AfriWell Health allows you to take charge of the health of your loved ones back home

Access to quality health care in Congo is not always easy. Are you abroad and want to provide quality care to your family back home? This is possible thanks to AfriWell.

Make an appointment for your loved ones, in the best clinics and with the best doctors in Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville, pay for their consultations, their prescriptions from home.

Avoid delays due to the transfer of money, poor management of money sent and provide quality care to your loved ones.


AfriWell benefits

Access to the best clinics

Your loved ones will have access to the best clinics and the best doctors in Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville, which guarantees them better care. They can also be consulted by several foreign doctors thanks to our teleconsultation system. We also support them in their medical evacuation procedure.

Time saving

You do not have to travel to make  money transfers, nor will your relatives have to queue at the counters of banks or money transfer agencies to withdraw the funds sent. Pay directly by credit card for their online support from our platform.

Money saving

Pay the consultation fee directly on You no longer have to pay transfer fees in banks or money transfer agencies, you only pay the amount of prescribed care. In addition, you are sure that your money has indeed been used for the health care of your loved ones.