About Us

Increasing Access. Increasing Care.

AfriWell Health was born from the desire of transforming the healthcare journey for everyone in Africa.

Through modern technology, we aim at connecting patients with their healthcare professionals in a quick and efficient manner.

Our platform provides access to patients in remote location and helps overcoming scarcity of both generalists and specialists.

Make an appointment at your convenience – Have a video appointment to relieve your concerns or meet your healthcare professional face to face.

Our Mission

In AfriWell, we believe that access to quality healthcare is one of the foundations for the wellbeing of a community. We are committed to deliver medical excellence across Africa.

Our Vision

We believe in empowering africans by giving them the tools to be able to choose their healthcare providers based on their own needs and concerns, and not limited by local availability or time constraints.
We imagine a future where medical care will be tailored to the people’s needs and not to the schedules of hospitals or corporations.

Our Values

We are driven by the idea that every person deserves access to quality healthcare.
Excellence and efficiency are at the heart of our purpose – and these values commit us to work everyday on improving the standards in African access to health care.

Our Core Functionalities


Online Appointment Booking


Video Consultation


Verified Reviews


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